Osprey Mira 22 Women’s Hydration Backpack Review

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Osprey Mira 22 Women’s Hydration Backpack Review
Osprey Mira 22 Women’s Hydration Backpack Review



Osprey Mira 22 Women’s Hydration Backpack Review

Are you in search of the perfect backpack for your outdoor adventures? Look no further than the Osprey Mira 22 Women’s Hydration Pack, the ultimate choice for any outdoor enthusiast who values high-quality performance and advanced features. This backpack is the epitome of excellence, boasting a sleek and modern design, an exceptional hydration system, and a versatile organizational system that can meet the needs of any adventure.


  1. Excellent ventilation and airflow – the backpack’s suspended mesh system provides excellent ventilation, keeping users cool and comfortable during long hikes in hot weather.
  2. Highly functional hydration system – the 2.5-liter Osprey Hydraulics reservoir, which is included, is easy to fill and clean, and the magnetic bite valve allows for easy access to water without having to stop or remove the backpack.
  3. Adjustable Torso Length – the injection molded ladder system provides 4″ of adjustability gives the ability to resize for the perfect fit.


  1. Limited capacity – at 22 liters, the backpack may not be large enough for some users who require more storage space for longer trips or expeditions.  However, the Osprey Mira also comes in a 32 liter version.  Check out the Osprey Mira 32 Hydration Pack here.
  2. Higher Price Tag – the backpack’s advanced features and high-quality construction make it a more expensive option than some other hydration packs on the market.

It is important to note that these pros and cons may not be significant for all users, and ultimately the decision to purchase the Osprey Mira 22 Hydration Pack will depend on individual needs and preferences.

Comfort and Design:

The Osprey Mira 22 Hydration Pack has a sleek and modern design that is both functional and stylish. The backpack is available in two different color options, including black, and oak leaf orange. The backpack’s exterior is made from high-quality nylon, which is both durable and water-resistant.

One of the backpack’s most notable design features is its back panel. The backpack’s back panel is designed to provide maximum ventilation and airflow, even on the hottest days. The

highly ventilated AirSpeed suspension back panel features a suspended mesh system that creates a gap between the backpack and the user’s back, allowing for air to circulate freely. The backpack’s shoulder straps are also made from breathable mesh, which helps to reduce sweating and discomfort during extended hikes.

The backpack’s hydration system is another key design feature. The backpack comes with an included 2.5-liter Hydraulics reservoir that is designed to be easy to fill and clean. The reservoir is made from BPA-free materials, which ensures that the water remains safe to drink. The reservoir also features a magnetic bite valve that attaches to the backpack’s sternum strap, making it easy to access the water without having to stop or remove the backpack.

Features: Zippered Pockets, Internal Mesh Pockets

The Osprey Mira 22 Hydration Pack comes loaded with features that make it an ideal backpack for outdoor activities. One of the backpack’s most notable features is its organizational system. The backpack features a large main zippered compartment that can be accessed from the top or the side. The main compartment has an internal mesh pocket that is ideal for storing items that need to be kept separate from the rest of the backpack’s contents. The backpack also has a front panel pocket that is perfect for storing smaller items such as maps, phones, and snacks.

The dedicated hydration compartment is equipped with the Osprey Hydraclip which allows for easy hanging of the reservoir. The hydration hose leaves the hydration compartment through a hose port located in the back panel. A dedicated sleeve and magnetic bite valve attachment ensures the hydration hose remains secured.

The backpack also features a number of external attachment points, including tool loops, trekking pole attachments, and compression straps. These attachment points allow users to easily attach gear to the outside of the backpack, making it easy to carry everything they need for their outdoor adventures.

Another notable feature of the backpack is its integrated rain cover. The water resistance rain cover is stored in a dedicated pocket at the bottom of the backpack and can be quickly and

Osprey Manta 34 Hydration Pack

easily deployed when needed. The rain cover is made from high-quality nylon and is designed to keep the backpack and its contents dry during wet weather.

Performance: Pack Weight & Adjustability

The Osprey Mira 22 Hydration Pack is designed to perform at the highest level in a variety of outdoor environments. The backpack’s suspension system provides excellent support and stability, even when the backpack is fully loaded. The backpack’s ventilation system also works exceptionally well, allowing air to circulate freely and keeping users cool and comfortable, even on hot days.

When it comes to finding the perfect hydration pack for your outdoor adventures, weight is a crucial factor to consider. Fortunately, the Osprey Mira 22 Hydration Pack is a lightweight option that won’t slow you down during even the most grueling hikes. Weighing in at just under 3 pounds, this backpack is designed to keep you nimble and agile while still delivering the high-performance features you need for your outdoor activities. With the Osprey Mira 22, you can have the best of both worlds – a lightweight and durable backpack that can keep up with your most challenging adventures.

Adjustability is another crucial feature that sets the Osprey Mira 22 apart from other hydration packs on the market. This backpack offers a high degree of adjustability, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for users of all shapes and sizes. The adjustable harness system and hip belt allow you to customize the fit to your body size and shape, reducing strain on your back and shoulders and ensuring that you can carry your gear with ease. While the backpack’s torso length is not adjustable, the adjustable harness system and hip belt more than make up for it, providing you with a backpack that can be tailored to your unique needs. With its adjustability and comfort features, the Osprey Mira 22 is the ideal hydration pack for anyone who wants to tackle the great outdoors in style and comfort.

Invest in the Osprey Mira 22 Women’s Hydration Pack?

If you want a backpack that delivers exceptional performance, functionality, and style, the Osprey Mira 22 Women’s Hydration Pack is the perfect choice. Its superior ventilation, advanced hydration system, and versatile organizational system make it an outstanding backpack for any outdoor adventure. Despite some minor drawbacks, the backpack’s many advantages and features make it well worth the investment for any outdoor enthusiast looking for the best backpack on the market.

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Osprey Women's Mira 22 Hydration Pack

Made to go the distance on big hiking adventures, the women-specific Osprey Mira 22 hydration pack has loads of storage and organization and features highly ventilated ...
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