Bern Macon 2.0 MIPS Helmet Review

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Bern Macon 2.0 MIPS Helmet Review
Bern Macon 2.0 MIPS Helmet Review



Bern Macon 2.0 MIPS helmet

Quick Specs:

Construction:  Injection-molded

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Weight:  13.3 ounces

Vent Count:  12

Visor/Brim: No

Pro:  An all around helmet for every sport

Con: Add-ons, such as the winter liner, are not included



Tired of having a different helmet for every sport?  The Macon 2.0 is an all-season helmet that could be used for many different sports including biking, skiing, splitboarding, snowboarding, or skating.

Warmth and Ventilation

With the Macon 2.0 Winter Knit, adding warmth to the versatile helmet is simple to do. Simply switch out the top pads, click the ear muffs in place, and screw in the goggle clip and the helmet is easily converted from a bike or skateboard helmet to a warm snow helmet.  This “Winter Knit” is not included with the helmet and must be purchased separately. Wearing a beanie underneath the helmet is also an option. The helmet has 12 vents to improve airflow, however they are not adjustable vents.

Looks and Weight

The Bern Macon 2.0 is one of the top ski and snowboard helmets and is a more lightweight version compared to its predecessor weighing in at only 13.3 ounces.  This snowhelmet is compatible with the Quickmount Asteroid bike light as well as for snow goggles (both not included).  The helmet comes in many different colors to choose from.

Helmet Fit

This cool helmet comes in 3 different sizes and features an adjustable chinstrap to better fit any head. The Bern Macon 2.0 also incorporates MIPS safety technology.  What is MIPS?  MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.  The helmet’s construction includes a thin material, a slip plane/liner, when on impact allows the material to move independently of the helmet.  This technology is designed to reduce the chance of brain injury when in a crash.


Whether you are a rider, skier, skater, or biker, the Bern Macon 2.0 is an all around good helmet, at a reasonable price point, that will protect you if you take a fall on the mountain or in the park.

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